A common mistake people make when deciding to schedule a session, is waiting too long to book. Most people, in my experience, love warm weather sessions. If you live in Ohio, you know how unpredictable weather can be. You also know that our winters can be brutally cold! When the idea hits you in January that you'll want Spring or Summer photos with your family, or maybe you have a senior graduating soon- keep in mind these few things:

  • Normal sessions take about 4-6 weeks to cull through, edit & deliver. If you are expecting to print out a canvas as a gift or you want to have these images to post on social media on a specific date, book with enough time for your photographer to edit & deliver. If you're considering a family session this summer, this would be the time to book!

  • Weddings can take up to 12 weeks. I've heard of some photographers taking 16-20 weeks. For me personally, 8-10 is pretty common. You may be thinking that is a crazy long time, right? Take into consideration, most weddings are probably within peak wedding season, May-October. Most photographers are taking at least 2, if not more weddings a month during those months, on top of their normal sessions. Because of this, I recommend booking your photographer as soon as you pick your venue!

  • Seniors! We all know (or hope we know) exactly when our senior will graduate. With that being said, book your senior photos asap. Most schools require at least one senior headshot before the school year even starts. Parents usually think, "well, we will need them for the graduation party" and wait until the last minute, when getting the gallery back in time isn't always guaranteed (when you wait that long.) I recommend booking the summer before their senior year or at the very latest, the Fall of their senior year.

  • Maternity & Newborn. These sessions are a little unpredictable! I try to do a maternity session within 4-6 weeks of your due-date & normally that works for most clients. As for newborns, within the first 2 weeks is recommended & the reason? Your baby will more than likely be sleeping the entire session. Which is exactly what we want! When it comes to actually scheduling those in advance, I try to stay within 2-3 weeks of the due date. However, being a mother of 3, I know you're on the baby's schedule & they make the rules! If we need to adjust your session due to your little one coming earlier or later than expected, that is no problem at all!

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