This time with your kids is so important

Why hire a photographer?

If you're like me, your family is your motivation, your reason, your "why." But how many photos do you have with your children? Will they be able to open up a photo album in 10, 20, 30 years & reminisce?
I know I've said it numerous times, my children are the whole reason I got into photography. To capture their little faces, the messes, the dress-up, the towers my son makes out of legos because even though it may just be a phase, it's the cutest, current obsession.

The little things

Your session should include tiny details- fingers, toes, messy faces (if mama allows it.) Why? Because that's real life. I think we get so caught up in social media, we forget having messy houses, a sink with dishes in it, books aren't stacked perfectly & our toys aren't all neutral & minimalistic- is normal. It doesn't have to be perfect for your session either.

Embrace tiny tantrums

Kids have a short attention span. They don't want to sit & pose for an hour. I know this from experience in capturing others, but also raising three of my own! There's more than likely going to be a tantrum or two.... or three & THAT'S OKAY!! Really, it is. Don't be worried about what your photographer will think of you. We wouldn't hold it against you & we wouldn't think you're a bad parent! But what we will do... is capture it, because when you do look back at the images in years to come, you'll laugh! The only way to not be stressed, is to just roll with it. Embrace it & laugh at it. Any good photographer isn't going to give up until they're certain you have at least one smiling photo anyway & chances are we got it at the most unexpected time!


Hear me out...I know it's going to be tough.. but what if we base your session on an activity you can do together?



-Planting/picking flowers

-Puzzle/game night

-Coloring, etc.

I really love the idea of story telling. I don't want your images to feel dull, posed OR unhappy in any way & I will NOT let that happen. But for the people who feel they aren't photogenic, maybe an activity will help you feel more comfortable! Plus, just imagine how absolutely adorable these would be!

If you're ready to book a story-telling session, contact me! I'd love to capture your memories. <3