An interview with Korey Neifer

Now that we've celebrated your wedding & have received your images to reflect back on the day, what was your most memorable part of your wedding?

"The most memorable part of our wedding was the first touch with my now husband. He had never wanted to see me before I walked down the aisle, even though I had always wanted a first look with him on our wedding day. Not having a first look and doing a first touch instead was the best decision we could have made. It was such an intimate moment for the two of us. It helped calm nerves and just bring so much love into the start of our journey as husband and wife. We chose to write our vows to each other in letters and not do vows in front of everyone during the ceremony, and as we stood back to back holding hands for our first touch we read the letters from one another silently to ourselves. Our families and bridal party members watched from afar as we had our time together one on one. Meagan and her husband (who was her second shooter on our special day) captured this moment between us so perfectly. I was so worried about the fact that I cried and my make-up was being ruined and Meagan reassured me that those fine details of my tears and raw emotions were more beautiful and better captured in the photos and she was not wrong. These are some of my favorite pictures of the entire day. I will forever thank my husband for not wanting to have a first look and a first touch instead and I will forever cherish the photos Meagan and her husband captured of this incredible moment."

(Korey during hair & makeup)

(Korey's first look with the groomsmen)

(Father/Daughter first look)

(Detail shots)

 If you could have changed anything about the day, what would it be & why?

"We had an incredible wedding day. The only thing was that it was very cold and we had some issues getting everyone around for photos because we did not properly prepare them with how to go about moving from one venue site to the next and still being ready. Meagan and her husband were great at helping us round up everyone with the cold, and the change of location, etc. They were also very willing to adjust to our day of changes to our pre-planned list of photos we gave them to accommodate us and make us the most happy on our day, even if that meant some of our original photos we wanted were missed (our choice). There is nothing we would change about our day in regards to our photographer choice and how they handled our day. We couldn't have asked for better!"

(Korey's first look with the bridesmaids)

What's one piece of advice you would give to other brides & grooms for their upcoming wedding?

"Do a first touch, not a first look. Also, do your research on your venue. Read the reviews out there on every site you can possibly find them, designate someone to assist you in getting last minute things done for set up on the morning of the wedding, such as the memory table photos, reminding you of the last minute things you need to bring to the venue to get ready, etc."

(Moments after Korey & Brady were announced husband & wife)

What was your favorite part about working with me?

"Meagan was the most incredible and most friendly person ever. She made every session we had with her so enjoyable and easy going and fun. We had our engagement session in Toledo on a fairly windy day and she was so patient with the outfit changes and everything. She even was all the way game for our idea of shotgunning beers together, and it gave us all a good laugh and memories to look back on, even though the beer we chose didn't taste good lol! Meagan even made my first ever boudoir shoot so much more relaxing and laid back and less nerve wrecking than I ever could have imagined. I was so nervous and I struggle with self confidence with all the scars I have on my body. Meagan made me feel so beautiful and confident it was unreal. She even, again, was up for the challenge of trying something new with me, and she took some photos of me outdoors, in an industrial setting, to surprise my husband, who is an ironworker, with some spicy pictures of me in his gear, in addition to the regular boudoir photos. She also helped out tremendously on wedding day with things that weren't even her responsibility per say; such as, fixing my hair, holding my dress, fixing my shoes, calming me down from a stressful situation as we arrived at the reception hall after our ceremony, etc. Everything about working with Meagan was the best!"

From the photographer

I cannot thank Korey & Brady enough for asking me to capture their wedding. From the moment I met them, I knew we were going to get along great! Both not only being laid back, but also very personable & fun! I knew their wedding was going to be one to remember & it was a great way to end my 2022 season. As Korey mentioned, my job isn't just to capture your wedding, it's also to reassure you during the process. If you need your hair or makeup fixed, I'm there. Meltdown? I'm there. (It surprisingly happens more than you may think, lol.) Anything I can do to help you during the day or even before, I will do everything in my power to make it happen. Photography isn't just a job for me, it's a passion. It may sound corny, however- true!